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Project Development
  1. Acquisition of land plots: search of available plots of land in a certain city or region which are suitable for a shopping center or another retail building
  2. Analysis of location and land plots: examination and evaluation of locational conditions and suitability of plots of land (check of location, competition and purchase power, assessment of urbanistic integration and of parameters and conditions related to planning laws and infrastucture equipment etc.)
  3. Conduct of negotiations with land owners and administrative authorities: elaboration, discussion and conclusion of land purchase contracts, causing public authorities and politicians via discussions and negotiations to care for legal planning and permitting preconditions which are necessary for the realization of projects
  4. Concept and project development for shopping centers: analysis of revitalization and refurbishment requirements in aged or out-dated shopping centers, elaboration of a well-working shopping center concept and layout scheme (dimension of building, shape of mall, structure, composition, arrangement and occupancy of leasable store areas, traffic and technical infrastructure provision etc.) and of an economic-financial feasibility study (calculation of cost and revenues, investment appraisal, elaboration of documents and project applications for decision making)